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He is Real, He is Enough

9/1/19 Sunday What if it's fake? What if we're all here for nothing? These random thoughts, like whispers from the pit, came to me in the middle of worship.
Let me back up and set the scene for you.  Eyes were closed and hands were raised as people sang their hearts out. You could feel the hunger and adoration for God in the room. Only seconds before, I wondered how amazing it was that we (some of us strangers) were gathered together to praise the Lord.  Children danced.  Young people (more millennials than I'd ever seen in church before) worshiped with a shameless passion I hadn't seen before.  And these thoughts cut through my mind out of nowhere.

What if it's fake?

Wow. Why would I think that?

So before you think I'm a terrible Christian, let me explain a bit about myself....
I've been saved since I was about 7 years old and never once doubted that God is real. My relationship with Him has deepened so much since. There's been only a handful of times …

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