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A Love Letter To My Daughter

  Who You Are * A Love Letter * You are a daughter first and foremost. You are My daughter.  I redeemed you with the price of my Son's Blood.  There is always a price for a prize. You are My prize.  My treasure. A pearl worth all the riches in heaven. I've longed for you, Daughter, before I put the stars in the sky. With My hands I drew your face.  I had all of eternity to plan your life. Your every heartbeat brings Me joy. I wanted you, Daughter, before you were ever born. You are created for purpose. You are created for life, for joy, for dancing.  You are created to shine for Me.  If you understood all the things I've gone through to find you, to redeem you, then you would never again say you are worthless . You cost Me everything.   And I would do it all over again just to attain your heart. For you, precious daughter, are priceless. Nothing will change My love for you. Abide in My Love. In Me you are lo

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